• OceanGuard BWMS (HMT-4000)
  • OceanGuard BWMS (HMT-4000)
  • OceanGuard BWMS (HMT-4000)

OceanGuard BWMS (HMT-4000)

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OceanGuard BWMS (HMT-4000)

【No corrosion to Ships】
Hydroxyl radicals produced by OceanGuard? Ballast Water Management System will disappear after several nanoseconds. The whole sterilization Management is completed within EUT Unit. Through Management, TRO concentration is within 2ppm. According to the results of long-term operation, the system is proved to be safe and reliable, and water treated by OceanGuard? causes no corrosion to the hull.

【Satisfy Requirements】
Fully meet IMO regulations and California requirements.

【Compact Design; High-Quality Spares】
Compact design, small footprint, easy installation, and maintenance free. OceanGuard? BWMS can be fitted on various vessels with different internal structures. High-quality materials and spare parts with long lifespans are used for all the components.

【Wide Scope of Application】
OceanGuard? BWMS shows excellent performance in fresh water and seawater. The discharged treated ballast water has no harm to the environment in the surrounding waters.

Low operating costs. Energy consumption is only appr. 17KW for the treatment of 1000 m3 of ballast water.

OceanGuard? obtained an Explosion-proof Certificate, which can be fitted in the pump room of an oil tanker, liquid gas carrier, etc.

【Single Treatment】
The whole process only needs the inflow treatment rather than the discharge treatment, so that it is proper for all the vessel ballast water discharge systems.

OceanGuard BWMS is developed by Headway Technology Co., Ltd. together with leading universities in China. OceanGuard BWMS adopts Advanced Electrocatalysis Oxidation Process (AEOP) to kill microbes, bacteria, viruses, and dormant ovum in water by using special semiconductor materials under electron excitation and the hydroxyl radicals (·OH) formed by water molecules. Hydroxyl radical (·OH) produced in AEOP is one of the most active substances with very strong oxidizability. It can have different kinds of chemical reactions with almost all biological macromolecules, microorganisms, and other organic pollutants instantaneously.

Besides, it has an extremely fast reaction rate and strong negative charge electron affinities. The end products of the reaction are CO2, H2O, and traces of inorganic salt without any hazardous residuals. Therefore, the treated water can be discharged out of the board without any pollution. The chemical reaction which involves hydroxyl radical is a free radical reaction, and it is extremely fast. Generally, the reaction rate with organics is over 109 L/ (mol.s).

Moreover, the form and existence time of hydroxyl radicals is quite short, which is less than 10-12 s, so the high efficiency and effectiveness of OceanGuard BWMS can be guaranteed.

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