OceanGuard FGSS

OceanGuard Fuel Gas Supply System provides a one-stop solution for customers.

The system integration scope includes fuel bunkering, gas storage, gas treatment, pre-adjustment, and other main configurations, as well as nitrogen purge, auxiliary heating, dry powder fire extinguishing, and other auxiliary gas supply systems.

The whole gas process package adopts a customized development/modular design. The layout is optimized according to the ship arrangement.

OceanGuard Marine Fuel Supply System for Methanol

Adopting magnetic driving fuel supply pumps eliminates the risk of fuel leakage.

Empowered by redundancy design, the system can be maintained without stopping the engine.

Lower Heat Loss
Tailored thermal insulation coat based on the sailing area and ambient temperature.

Compact Design
Adopting spiral heat exchangers into the system brings a more compact design and less weight.

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